Niki Diary was developed for children, teen-agers and adults with disabilities that experience difficulties in explaining what they have done or what they plan to do.

Niki Diary enables them to tell people around them what they did or what they plan to do a certain day using images, videos, text and speech. The application can also be used as a memory support to that one can watch or listen what one has done earlier.

One may choose to let each user have several profiles, for example "At home", "At school", "At work" or create different usernames with their own profile.

Especially this helps people with communication difficulties and behavior problems to increase their levels of autonomy and participation. It can be very helpful for subjects with autism, mental retardation, behavior disorders, language disorders, pervasive developmental disorder, aphasia, attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, emotional disturbances, learning disabilities, brain trauma.

Multimedia Diary

A diary for children, teen-agers and adults needing to explain what they have done …with pictures, text, video and speech

  • iPad
  • Multi-Language
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