Play with words

Drag the letters to make up the word matching the picture. The word is pronounced at first, and anytime touching the picture. Letters are pronounced when touched. When the word is completed, it is spelled and then pronounced. Different difficult levels can be set disabling the visual hint (the correct letter in black as placeholder) or choosing to show the entire alphabet, only the letters contained in the word or adding some stranger letters. Words are grouped into 18 themes (animals, body, emotions, clothes, foods, home, school, …) including a special one containing only small words (4 letters or less).


Drag the letters to solve the crosswords. Letters are pronounced when touched. The word is pronounced when completed, and anytime touching the picture. Difficult level can be set disabling the visual hint.

Magic blackboard

Children can place letters freely on the board stimulating their imagination and creativity. Letters are pronounced when touched. Long press to delete a single letter. Use the eraser or (more fun) shake the iPad to clear the board.

Children can play with letter colors and types (uppercase, lowercase or cursive), and even switch language to learn english, french, italian, spanish and swedish. Letters can be arranged by alphabetical order, QWERTY or AZERTY keyboard layout.

This app is based on the Montessori Method, designed to take full advantage of the children desire to learn and their unique ability to develop their own capabilities.

Niki Words contains hundreds of unique and beautiful illustrations from Les Pictogrammes and an extra theme including the lovely characters from books.

Fun and Learning with Letters

Teach children the letter sounds (phonics) as well as more than 350 useful words. Children learn with fun

  • iPad
  • Multi-Language
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